Peter Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” Well, it’s true because if you want to understand and know a person, merely talking and letting him explain will not do. We have this so called non-verbal communication. These include appearance, body language, demeanor, facial expressions, gestures, posture and movements. Observing these things can really tell us or give us a clue regarding to certain people.


But, what if you can’t literally not hear him out. I guess, that would be really a problem. Don’t worry, there is always a solution. In my opinion, I believe you should ask yourself this question: “do you need a hearing test?”. Just a simple question that needs to be pondered. To help you answer that question, I will give you some guidelines. As you read it, you must review your answer and just answer answer it silently with a yes or no response.


Here are the following question:


  1. Do you end up requesting individuals to repeat what they say?


  1. Do you experience a hard time to pinpoint the origin of the sound?


  1. Do you feel you need to exert effort to hear everything when you are in a meeting?


  1. Do you feel you should focus to hear when somebody talks or whispers?


  1. Do you experience issues taking after discussion in boisterous environment like in an eatery or at a gathering?


  1. Do you now and then abstain from taking phone calls in light of the fact that it is hard for you to hear what individuals are inquiring?


  1. Do you feel you should exert a considerable measure as you take an ordinary discussion?


  1. Do you at times answer an inquiry and acknowledge subsequently that you didn’t comprehend the inquiry rightly?


  1. Do individuals you know appear to murmur or talk in a milder voice than they use to?


  1. Has somebody near or close to you said that you might have a problem with your listening ability?


  1. Do you discover that you have to turn down the volume on your TV because others keep on remarking that it is too loud?


  1. Do you feel that you are passing up a great opportunity for exercises or occasions you used to appreciate before because now you a problem in hearing?


  1. Do you experience a problem in listening to your associates, customers, or clients?


  1. Does listening cause you trouble when you watch movies at home or in theater?


  1. Does your listening is an issue that cause contentions with your family and relatives?


Upon answering this question silently, I will ask you again, “Do You Need A Hearing Test?”.[]

Hope you can now decide. If not, I’ll help you to determine for yourself. If most of your answer is a yes, then you need to do a hearing test. Visit immediately your audiologist or an otolaryngologist. Actually, you need to do your check-up annually whether your response is only one yes. Be wise and don’t be ashamed to do it. This is for your own good